SLA Changes in Dynamics 365/Power Apps

Microsoft has made some changes in SLA design; here I am going to share about the differences

  1. SLA Type option standard has been removed, earlier user has option to choose (as shown in below image)

  2. Earlier there were 2 entities now there are 3 entities to configure a new SLA
    1. Earlier
      1. SLA
      2. SLA Item
    2. Now
      1. SLA
      2. SLA Item
      3. SLAKPI
  3. Earlier only one SLA can be applied now you can use multiple SLAs. This is a much-needed feature, in our recent implementation we need to have 5 SLAs on Work Order entity and to chieve that we need to implement a child entity on work order and create 5 records in that to track 5 different SLAs.

  4. To manage SLA settings, you can navigate to “Customer Service Hub” application and then navigate to “Service Configuration Setting”, there you can find below settings
    1. You can disable SLA on an entity which is enable for SLA, it was not available earlier (while creating or modifying an entity if you select “Enable for SLA” option it cannot be changed later). NOTE: you still must use classic UI if you want to enable SLA for an entity, this option is not yet available in Unified interface.
    2. Now system can override a manual SLA selection

  5. Now you must define Success, Non-Complaint, and Nearing Mon-Compliant action in power Automate. Once you click on Configure Action in SLA item, it will open the Flow record created for this SLA Item. You will also notice that it has few steps already added and you must not delete it.

  6. SLA KPI was appearing as a drop down on SLA Item but now it has become an entity of its own.
    1. Earlier

    2. Now

  7. SLA KPI is a now solution aware component, it can be added in a Solution

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