Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) Data Anonymization: Anonymize sandbox data (copied from production) to meet data security standards like GDPR

We all have faced situation in when we need to replicated Dynamics 365 production environment to a lower/sandbox environment for distinct reasons like

  1. To reproduce and debug productions issue in a lower environment.
  2. To create a preprod environment replica of production environment.
  3. To create a development environment from production environment. etc.

And to protect confidential customer data we do masking of confidential information before we share this environment to dev/test/support/another team. This masking activity is very tedious and time-consuming, one can do it manually or can right some code logic to do so.

Thanks to KingswaySoft, they have created an excellent SSIS component “Data Anonymizer” that can make things simple.

How to use Data Anonymizer Step by Step: I assume that the person reading this blog has basic knowledge of SSIS, as it is very focused on Data Anonymizer component.

  1. Before you start you also need another component Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM Data Integration Components from KingswaySoft.
  2. Download and Install “SSIS Productivity Pack” in your SSIS dev environment.

  3. Open BIDS/SSDT and create a new integration project and package.
  4. Add Dynamics CRM Source component (to read data from CRM), then Data Anonymizer, and then a Dynamics CRM destination (to update anonymize data to CRM)

  5. In Dynamics CRM Source component select entity and columns (CRM attributes) that you want to anonymize, I have selected emailaddress1 and attribute of contact entity for elaboration purpose.

  6. Open Data Anonymizer and select column, and in Anonymizer Properties select what you want to anonymize it, it has some predefined type that you can use, for details see here. for elaboration I randomize emailaddress1 as “Email”. It will generate some random invalid email addresses.

  7. Similarly, you can randomize other attributes as per your need.
  8. Update you Dynamics CRM Destination to update these anonymize records back in CRM, and you are done.

See it was easy and simple.

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